Terms and Conditions 
1. The issuance of this Permit is at the discretion of the Newtonville Community Hall and the Municipality of Clarington.  The hall reserves the right to cancel it temporarily or permanently at any time and for any reason..
2. The Permit Holder is responsible for paying all associated charges related to this permit, in accordance with the payment terms.
3. The Permit Holder understands and voluntarily assumes any and all risks associated with personal injury, death, exposure to infectious disease and/or damage, loss or theft of personal property that could result from the subject matter of this Permit.
4. The Permit Holder shall provide competent supervision to all persons admitted to the facility and shall ensure that all requirements of this Permit are strictly enforced.
5. The Permit Holder shall ensure that all persons and privately-owned property and personal effects have been removed by the time specified in this Permit.  Failure to do so may result in additional charges.
6.  Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in all facilities, unless Special Occasion Permit has been issued by the A.G.C.O. to the satisfaction of the Hall.
 The permit Holder shall:
 a. comply with instructions and directions from hall board members and refrain from any verbal or physical aggression.
b. occupancy regulations at this time are up to fire regulated approved (2022).

If Serving Alcoholic Beverages the Following Applies:

1. The Community Centre can supply names of bartenders at the Renter’s expense.
2. Food must be available during or after function.
3. Permit holder must be present and permit must be in full view behind bar. Permit holder is responsible for conduct of all present during occupancy of premises.
4. The bartender is considered the Hall board representative while on duty.
5. Persons renting the premises are responsible for their own special occasion permit and all appropriate rules must be adhered to.
6. Any person serving alcohol shall have a Smart Serve Permit or hold a bartenders’ license.

Clean Up:

1. Kitchen must be left in the same condition as it is found.
2. Tables must be cleared off and decorations removed.
3. Garbage should be removed from the building. Recycle can be left in recycle bins.
4. Notify board lessor of any breakage occurring during the rental time.


1. The applicant understands and agrees that the permit may be revoked or cancelled at any time with cause and that in the event of such revocation or cancellation, there would be no claim or right to damages, or reimbursement on account of any loss, damage or expense whatsoever. Advance payment fees will be refunded if this should occur prior to the event.
2. The facilities named on this permit are to be used on the date(s) and times(s) specified and only for the purpose(s) named. The permit is not valid unless signed by the appropriate director or the authorized department representative.
3. This permit is not transferable.
4. If the rental is cancelled less than 1 week (7 days) before the rental date, a 10% rental fee will be applied.
5. The Municipality of Clarington will not be responsible for personal injury or for the loss or theft of clothing/equipment of the applicant/organization, or anyone attending on the invitation of the applicant/organization.
6. Fire regulations or Department of Health shall govern the maximum attendance in any room. All exits must be kept free from obstruction at all times.
7. The permit holder is responsible:

A. To indemnify and save harmless the Municipality of Clarington, the Community Centre Board, their servants, agents or representatives from all claims therefore and upon request will lodge with the Municipality confirmation of liability insurance coverage in a form and amount satisfactory to the Municipality.
B. To pay all damages to the facilities and/or furnishings arising from the use of same as granted by this permit.
C. To pay for any damage done specifically to the Hall’s mural, at the cost to reproduce the artwork.
D. To comply with all Federal, Provincial and Municipal By-Laws and resolutions particularly those pertaining to games of chance, lotteries, gambling and alcoholic beverages.
E. For the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the facilities permitted and shall see that all regulations
contained in this permit are strictly enforced.
F. To ensure that all persons admitted to the function being held have vacated the permitted facilities and that all
privately-owned property and personal effects have been removed after the bar is closed (1:00 am).

8. Admission of animals to the facility is prohibited under Health regulations.
9. The person signing the permit must be a person authorized by the organization to do so and such persons, when requested, shall produce for inspection such authorization in writing. The person signing the permit shall, when requested, agree to personally guarantee payment of any rental fees that are due to the Community Centre.
10. Preference for use of Municipal facilities will be given to the residents of the Municipality of Clarington at all times.
11. Rentals are to be paid at time of booking.
12. Late payment charge of 10% will be applicable.
13. No confetti or rice.
14. Only painters tape may be used to post signs in any room. No nails, tacks or other articles are permitted. Permit holder must supply.
15. No smoking in Hall or Kitchen or littering of cigarette butts.
16. No parking on property on east side of hall as this does not belong to the hall. Street parking only.
17. Rentals are not considered confirmed until agreement is signed and payment has been received.